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Since 2001, our country has deployed 2.7 million personnel. Over 50% of those have deployed twice and a large percentage of those have deployed three and more times. Warriors are coming home changed by their experiences and are unable to “pick up where they left off”. Spouses are finding themselves alone and exhausted by the constant instability of this new reality while the children are often left to find their own way.


Living Free Together is attempting to honestly address the unintended cost of war and the value of healing. It is a unique and effective program that seeks to create a community in which genuine healing can take root and grow. Charlottesville has a large and growing veteran community; however, there is no base and very few veteran services are offered to these families. Living Free Together began as a nontraditional, nonreligious expression of support between the American Legion Post #74 and Chestnut Grove Church. With the support of the Charlottesville civilian and veteran community, LFT has grown into its own non profit and is now the largest active military family organization in the area.

Living Free is committed to providing active, non-active & retired patriot families with the life skills and support necessary to face their next BIG adventure in life together.

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